The Ultimate Moving Box Guide

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If you’re like most people, you probably dread the thought of packing up your entire home and moving it to a new location. It can be complicated if you don’t use the right box for your articles and goods. There are many different boxes for moving, each for a specific purpose.

In this blog post, we’ll list and describe the different types of boxes for moving and tell you which one works best for you.

Types Of Boxes And Sizes

Packing your belongings in the wrong box can lead to damage and chaos; it’s essential to know and select the right types of boxes for moving purposes. If you’re not sure which boxes to use, we listed the most common types of boxes used for moving.

Note: The dimensions & sizes may vary from one manufacturer to the other.

Corrugated Carton Box (12 in x 12.25 in x 18.5 in)

A corrugated carton box is a type of box that is made of double-wall construction cardboard and is used to pack fragile items. It’s usually shipped in a flat form, easy to assemble, and has separate compartments for each item.

Medium Box ( (18.0 in x 14.0 in x 12.0 in) 

A medium box is a type of box designed to pack heavier items. It has triple-wall cardboard and is much stronger than the corrugated carton box. This box is ideal for packing books, lamps, and other heavy items.

Large Box (24 in x 18 in x 16 in)

The large box is the heaviest and largest type of box you can use for moving. It’s made of triple-wall cardboard too. This type of box is ideal for packing decorations, toys, or even kitchenware utensils made of metal or wood.

Extra Large Box (24 in x 18 in x 24 in)

Extra-large boxes are perfect for packing bulky items such as pillows, blankets, and comforters. They’re also great for packing indoor plants if you have any.

Wardrobe Box (20″ x 20″ x 34″)

Wardrobe boxes have a bar in the middle that you can use to hang your clothes, and some brands even add zipper bags on the top to keep your clothes dust-free.

Mirror/Picture Box (37 in x 4 in x 27 in)

Thanks to its sturdy cardboard walls, mirror boxes protect large mirrors, portraits, and TVs during a move. It’s ideal to use bubble wrapping for these items too.

Classifying Your Goods And Selecting The Right Box For Each

When packing for a move, it’s important to classify your goods. It’ll improve your organization and ease up things when the unpackaging time arrives.

Here Are Some General Classifications For Goods:

  • Fragile: Glasses, China, and other delicate items.
  • Delicate: Clothing, curtains, and bedding.
  • Heavy: Books, electronics, and appliances.
  • Bulky: Sofas, armchairs, and coffee tables.

Make sure to label your boxes using a marker and seal the boxes using heavy-duty adhesive tape.

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