A Checklist Guide: How To Move? What To Do?


Moving is one of the most stressful processes a person can experience. Simplifying and organizing is the key to a successful move and a fresh new start. Save all the trouble and rush often shared by many, and ensure you have everything planned out.

“Preparation makes perfect” – this quote is especially suitable for moving out. Checklists and inventories are always a great help. They help you keep everything under control. In this guide, you’ll find the stages of a successful residential moving process and a checklist that goes along with it. Optimize your time and reduce stress with us. Keep reading to learn more!

A TimeLine For The Upcoming Move

Pairing your move-out checklist with a clear schedule ensures maximum efficiency. Find below a helpful timeline that you can tailor to your own needs.

3-4 Weeks Before The Move

  • Create An Inventory: Make an inventory of the belongings that’ll be moved. Take the time to check every room and decide what’s worth bringing along with you or not.
  • Classify “To-Donate-Articles”: Personal items such as clothing, toys, or books are a great way to help others. Donate or start a garage sale with the items you no longer need.
  • Boxes, Wrapping Materials & Other Moving Supplies: Order or buy boxes and moving supplies such as tapes, markers, newspapers/bubble wrap for moving. Following your inventory, order mattress covers, wardrobe boxes, and other specialty items you will need.
  • Choose A Moving Company: Work with reliable and trustworthy local movers to keep your belongings safe. Many people overlook the immense help a moving company provides for residential moving.

2 Weeks Before The Move

  • Start Packing Books, Paperwork & Miscellaneous Items: Start packing your less-used items such as books, kitchen, and other personal items.
  • Notify Your Services Providers You’re Moving Out: Ensure your name won’t get charged for services you no longer use and the related late fees. Notify your service providers and arrange the cancelation details.
  • Request PTO For Your Moving Day: Your move will demand much of your time. Avoid getting overwhelmed by requesting PTO for your move. Determine the amount of time you’ll need based on the volume of boxes and distance.
  • Prepare A Floor Plan For The Movers: As we mentioned before, “preparation makes perfect.” A floor plan is a helpful tool that’ll provide greater detail on the arrangement of your belongings in your new location.

1 Week Before The Move

  • Designate An Specific Area To Stack Your Sealed Boxes: Select an area that is easy to access for the movers. This step will help you keep everything in order.
  • Start Packing Clothing & Frequently Used Items: As you get closer to the move-out, you must keep your more frequently used items packed. We recommend professional assistance for things such as TVs, furniture, & mattress that require special wrapping or covers.
  • Document & Photograph Your Furniture: Moving accidents are not uncommon. Documenting your furniture is a great help if you need to file a claim.
  • Clean Out The Refrigerator: Clean your refrigerator and defrost it at least 48 hrs before the moving date, in case you’re taking it with you. Make sure it’s dry, empty & clean before the movers arrive.
  • Arrange For The Activation Of Basic Services In Your New Location: Verifying your new home is ready for you can save you a headache on your moving day. Services such as internet, electricity & gas, for example, can leave your hands tied for an undetermined amount of time.

Moving Day Has Arrived

  • Check Your Home One Last Time: A floor walk is recommended before the movers arrive at your home. Check every room, wardrobe, cupboard & drawer to ensure everything is in its proper place.
  • Welcome The Movers: Indicate the mover the box storage area & what boxes are a priority for you to load the truck.
  • Hand Over The Floor Plan To The Movers: Once loaded and ready to go, hand over the floor plan to your movers. The floor plan will be a great help for you at the time to unpack your belongings.
  • Be At your New Location To Supervise The Process: Head out to your new home. Your floor plan will help you guide the movers and place the boxes in the right rooms and areas.

Once You Move to Your New Location

  • Unpack & Recycle The Boxes
  • Verify that All Your Belongings Are Complete And In Good Condition
  • Leave Your Movers A Review
  • Prepare For A Housewarming Party

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